Released 30th January 2012 on AFM Records

Lillian Axe have gone through quite an evolution. They kicked off with a trio of hard rocking classics, culminating in the masterpiece “Poetic Justice”. With every new album since “Psychoschizophrenia” their sound darkened. Yet they never lost what made them uniquely Lillian Axe. It’s no different on this new album. The riffs, melodies and songstructures are all instantly recognisable.

Overall the new album is more upbeat than the last two, which doesn’t hurt, to be honest. Tracks like “Take The Bullet” were missing for too long. It seems the band (well, Stevie Blaze) is returning to its roots. This album sounds closer to “Poetic Justice” than it does “”Deep Red Shadows”.

It’s interesting to note that while newcomer Brian C. Jones has a rather different voice from his predecessors, his vocals are a seamless fit.

Standout tracks : the epic “Death Comes Tomorrow”, “The Great Divide”, the furious “Caged In”… Take your pick, there’s not a duffer on the album.

There’s nothing more to say really. Lillian Axe have released yet another great album. Their best since “Poetic Justice”.

Rating – 96%
Review by Sancho


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