Released on 20 January 2012 on Frontiers Records

Good old Primal Fear. They rarely disappoint if you’re into Germanic Metal with a slight (ahem) Judas Priest influence.

The scene is set from the off : album opener “Strike” is an example of what Primal Fear is all about. You know what to expect, and the band delivers with gusto.

It sounds like they put some extra effort in the songwriting, delivering more hooks and catchy choruses than before.  Mainstays Ralf Scheepers and Matt Sinner (Randy Black has been around quite some time as well) have assembled a quality guitar team, in the persons of Alex Beyrodt and Magnus Karlsson.  The latter’s influence can be heard in the sometimes slightly more modern riffing (“Bad Guys Wear Black” for instance).  Check out some of the monster soloing in tracks like “Give Em Hell” or “Metal Nation”.

After a couple of less inspired releases, Primal Fear are back with a bang. One of their better albums. 

Rating – 90%
Review by Sancho



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