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Matti Alfonzetti has always been one of the better vocalists to have emerged from Sweden, most will know him for his time in Jagged Edge or the quite overlooked Skintrade, in recent years he was last heard to these ears on the final Damned Nation album.  “Here Comes The Night” marks Matti’s third solo album and its full of the modern day commercial melodic hard rock you might expect and therein lay the problem.

“Here Comes The Night” mostly sounds rather uninspired and a little too clichéd for the most part.  The song writing is rather generic with little spark of originality, and well this might work well for the big bands of yesteryear where a signature sound is expected to some degree its always a hard sell for artists that never quite established a signature sound or large fanbase. In short it all sounds ideas of yesteryear that have tried to be modernised to sound “hip”.

Opener “Losing You” is likeable enough although the chorus sounds like a leftover from the era when commercial rock was trying to make itself valid in a grunge era.  “Here Comes The Night” is a mid-tempo semi-ballad which again is pleasant enough in a Mr Big meets Whitesnake (87 era) way but again lacks any real spark and from this point in its more of the same for the most part.  Signs of life are heard in the Skintrade-ish timbres of “I’ll Wait For You” which is rather rocking in the verses but let down by the chorus which again sounds like a Mr Big leftover.   I am sure hardcore melodic rock fans may well hear well worn melodies and chord progressions and wet themselves with glee, but give me something new.

“Why Can’t You Love Me” that said is rather cool in a Bryan Adams sort of way and Matti’s even sounds a little fired up in the vocal department and album closer “I Will Never Let You Fall” has some excitement about it, but sadly its too little too late to move the album out of anything other than average.

Sonically the album is likeable with a trademark Daniel Flores production (i.e. slick) and a well balanced mix.  The guitar tones do lack life however and who would have known Marcus Jiddel (ex Royal Hunt) delivered lead work?  Vocally Matti is still at the level he was the best part of 20 years ago and still has a strong voice, next time I just hope he has a better collection of songs.

Rating – 64%


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