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Wow. Bombastic. First thing that went through my head when hearing the opening track to Royal Hunt’s new album. “One More Day” almost matches latter day Savatage for pomposity. And it does set the tone for the rest of the album. Intricate, one might say overblown, arrangements make the sonic palette rather fatiguing. There’s keyboards everywhere. No points for guessing which member founded the band… “Half Past Loneliness” is a stand out track. Very well balanced with plenty of hooks. Nice.

Everything is flawlessly executed, but I just find myself thinking “c’mon guys, chill a little”.  DC Cooper’s slightly nasal voice is an acquired taste. Production is average. Keyboard heavy, to the detriment of the guitars.

For fans of the genre there’s probably plenty to enjoy. It’s not my cup of tea though.

I felt tired after listening to this album. Hard to give a score, but I’ll try to base it on objective criteria.

Rating – 75%*
Review by Sancho

* Add 10 points if you like your metal bombastic and crammed with notes. Subtract 20 if you think AC/DC have gone pompous on their last album.


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  1. I do love this album and the band. Although John West is my RH vocalist of choice as he can do the slower songs more justice IMHO. Love your website just stumbled upon it whilst looking for AOR/melodic rock websites.

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