Out now on AOR Heaven

With origins dating back to 1984, Fate are arguably one of Denmark’s longest running outfits who split in 1993, only to resurface in 2006 and are now back after another 3 year hiatus with new guitarist Torben Enevoldsen (Section A / Acacia Avenue) replacing Søren Hoff and a new album in “Ghosts From The Past” and quite a corker it is too.

Melodic Metal would be the best tag for the bands sound, big guitar riffs (with a definite 80’s vibe to them) and big vocal hooks that you can easily hang your winter coat on.

Opener “Children Of The Night” is a corker from start to finish and whilst the overall quality elsewhere never quite lives up to this opener there is luckily little disappointment to be found.

“Seeds Of Terror”, “Fear Of The Stranger”, “Murder” all rock hard whilst more melodic avenues are explored on “At The End Of The Day”, “All That I Want” and power ballad “Follow Your Heart”.

Worst of the bunch? Easily the cheese-fest that is “I Believe In Rock N Roll”. Do we really need tracks like this in 2011?

Musically Fate represent solid musicianship with Enevoldsen being a good fit with his fluid style and blends well with the classy vocals of Dagfinn Joensen. The air of Scandi-rock cool throughout the majority of the album is hard to ignore.

In summary; Fate are back with a strong effort that is a pleasing effort for the most part.  “Ghosts From The Past” along with the latest effort from Grand Illusion mark the best releases of 2011 from AOR Heaven and comes recommended.

Rating – 86% 


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