Out now on Lion Music

Third strike from the Italian metallers in as many years, and for the most part it’s a case of more of the same.  So all present and correct are Georgia Gueglio’s impassioned METAL vocals (none of your goth croonings here thankfully), sharp guitar riffs and solos from Pier Gonella and a driving rhythm section of bassist Steve Vawamas and drummer Alessandro Bissa.

The production is uncluttered and to the point, very powerful but rather dry with it. This does help propel to 4 piece feel though and it’s a powerful uninhibited metal production the like you would have got before reverb got out of control in the 80s.

11 tracks which for the most part of driven pieces of metal from the fast paced opener “Another Flower” to closer “Bitter & Sweet”.  There are more melodic moments like the mid-tempo commerciality of “Time 4 Lovers” and the ballad “Lovin Me” whilst Gonella gets to showcase his six string skills on “Blue Diamond” which is well done.

Criticisms? A couple in so much as some of the tempos are a little too similar in places although this is evened out by the variation in riffs, also Gonella’s use of the wah can be a little too frequent, using it more sparingly would enhance its effect somewhat. But overall this is another solid effort on a par with last years “Last Desire”.

Simply put Mastercastle write accessible metal with little pretence and 3 albums in have an identifiable sound.


Rating – 88%


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