Released 18th November 2011 on Lion Music

First of Lion Music’s expanded and remastered reissues of the Consortium Project back catalogue which follows on from their release of the bands final outing “Species” earlier in 2011.

Led by vocalist and mastermind Ian Parry this is a hard striking effort from 1999 shortly after Parry left progressive metallers Elegy and this release follows in a similar vein.  Guitar work comes from the highly reliable roster of Stephan Lill (Vanden Plas), Patrick Rondat (Elegy) and Thomas Youngblood (Kamelot).

Opener “House Of Cards” sets the scene in blistering fashion, a great opening track driven by a powerful riff and powerered along further by the leather lungs of Parry.   The metal assault continues for “Banquet Of Thieves” before the commercial punch of “Evilworld” with another blistering riff is another highlight, and this is how it continues pretty much unabated for the rest of the release.  Strong powerful metal tracks with excellent performances with the extra spice of Parry’s vocals to take them over the edge.   Some respite from the full on metal assault if needed can be found in the instrumental “The Entity”, the power ballad of “A Miracle Is All We Need” and the upbeat pomp rock of “Chain Of Fear” so there is a nice dose of variety on offer.  It has to be said though that this is gripping stuff pretty much from start to finish.

As the added incentive we get 2 bonus tracks in an acoustic version of “A Miracle Is All We Need” and a cooking demo version of “Evilworld”.  By no means making the album they are nice additions none-the-less.

Backed by a strong production which is arguably more classic than that heard on “Species”, this is an excellent debut and starting block for the Consortium Project story.  If you like your metal on the intelligent side with powerful bold performances look no further.

Rating – 92%


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