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Second strike from the Def Leppard wannabes otherwise known as Grand Design.

Led by vocalist and producer  Pelle Saether (Zeelion, Zello), “Idolizer” is in the same vein as the bands debut “Time Elevation” and again does everything it can to rewrite “Pyromania” or “Hysteria”.

The comparisons are so blatant you can either praise them for being authentic enough to get the drum and guitar sounds nailed or indeed just shake your head and ask why bother?

So as with the debut, if you want to hear stuff like the aforementioned Leppard albums – but again not as good – then Grand Design are for you.

One presumes there must be a market for this to even get to second album, are Leppard fans really buying into this? Personally I’d rather just listen to Pyromania and Hysteria and hear it done perfectly by the originators.  This is now starting to wear thin.

Rating – 40%


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  1. I liked their first album but this one failed to impress me. Like you say now you would listen to Def Leppard if you wanted the real thing. Bit like the much hyped Rock Sugar, fine for a few songs but then the novelty wears off…

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