Released 14th November 2011 on Steamhammer / SPV

Fastway never quite made the big time. Formed by Fast Eddie Clarke and Pete Way (who bailed even before the debut was released), the band was an also ran in the mid eighties.

Can this new album bring them to the top of the (admittedly much lower) heap today?

Well, I doubt it. There isn’t a lot of fire, for one. Mid tempo, a bit dreary at times, the album just trudges on.

Toby Jepson doesn’t exactly inject much adrenaline into proceedings either. He’s an average singer at best and can’t save the material. He does a good job on “Who Do You Believe” though.

Overall this sounds like a tired band. Whereas Brian Robertson managed to recapture some of his magic on his solo album, Fast Eddie doesn’t do anything remotely fast. He’s a shadow of himself these days.


There’s a couple of good songs, like “Deliver Me” and “Dead And Gone”, but overall this is a very un-exciting album. Cliche tracks like “Leave The Light On” or “Freedom Song” just make me shake my head. “Sick As A Dog”? Yep, that’s how I’m starting to feel.


Rating – 60%
Review by  Sancho.


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