Out now on Lion Music

Second strike from Finnish metallers Grönholm, led by guitarist/songwriter Mika Grönholm once again joined by vocalist Markku Kuikka (Status Minor) and drummer Tom Rask.  As with its predecessor (Eyewitness Of Life) a couple of guest musicians are involved in the guise of Billy Sherwood (ex Yes) and Marco Hietala (Nightwish / Tarot) who add some extra dynamics to backing vocals.

“Silent Out Loud” overall proves to be a better offering than the debut with a more cohesive sound and better song writing.  Tracks such as opener “Cross Of Mind” and the mid tempo “Out From The Nest” are full of irresistible melodies and great new songs.  Whilst darker tracks like “Under My Star” and “Vanity” have a dark, almost Alice In Chains style vibe with their harmonised vocals over detuned riffs.  Mika Grönholm wrote all the tracks in a drop B tuning and this adds to the darker depths plunged on the album and serves up a Kings X style delivery on the progressive tinted instrumental “Giant Steps”.  The album doesn’t go out with quite the bang one would hope with 3 acoustic numbers closing the release, but on their own merits these are also nice songs.

Overall, a stronger offering second time round from Grönholm, and if they can deliver more of the sound heard on the likes of “Cross Of Mind” and “Out From The Nest” they could deliver something truly special.  All in all, a solid release, well produced and a nice step in the right direction.

Rating – 84%

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