Independent release – Out Now

Former Vicious Rumors bass player Dave Starr returns to the fore with this new project alongside singer London Wilde. Musically there aren’t many surprises. US power metal with strong hints of Vicious Rumors. Well executed, well written and very enjoyable. I’m always pleased when I hear a female singer who doesn’t do the operatic thing. Check out “Rise” and you’ll know what I mean.

Whether it’s straight headbanging fare like opener “Rose In The Dark” or “Generation Next”, or more epic material such as “Touching God” and “Down Of The Sun”, the band acquit themselves with equal panache.

Starr handles lead guitars as well as bass duties, and does a very good job at it. All those years watching Geoff Thorpe must have rubbed off on him. The guitar tones could have been better, frankly. It’s not so bad that it will detract from your enjoyment, but the rhythm guitars sound needlessly buzzy and, well, cheap… Other than that niggle, production is actually quite good.

No, it doesn’t sound massive like a good Andy Sneap job, but I’ve heard a lot worse from bands with a supposedly bigger budget.

Overall this is an album that breathes the true spirit of heavy metal. It’s a labour of love, a well crafted slice of heavy metal that ticks all the right boxes.

Will it get them anywhere? Probably not… Gimmicks count for a lot more than quality music in today’s metal scene. But that doesn’t alter the fact that this is a killer metal album that’ll take you back to the heady days of the mid eighties, when bands like Vicious Rumors and Crimson Glory started making their mark.

Rating – 88%
Review by Sancho


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