Out now on Frontiers Records

Toby Hitchcock made his mark with Jim Peterik‘s Pride Of Lions. Stepping out from under the wings of his mentor, “Mercury’s Down” sees a collaboration with Erik Martensson (of Eclipse and W.E.T. Fame).

Martensson’s influence is obvious from the off. Opening track “This Is The Moment” is more modern and heavier than anything we’ve heard from Toby so far. “Strong Enough” might be considered a high energy homage to Survivor. Maybe one to include on the soundtrack of an upcoming Rocky movie?

I could sum up all the songs, but what would be the point? It’s strong melodic rock, well produced and perfectly executed. If there was any justice in the world “I Should Have Said” would be a major hit. “Summer Nights In Cabo” lacks Sammy’s happy go lucky touch though.

If you liked W.E.T. Or are a fan of Toby’s work in PoL you can’t go wrong with this album.

Maybe a bit formulaic, that’s about the only criticism I can think of.

Rating – 89%
Review by Sancho


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