Released 30th September 2011 via AFM Records

Brainstorm has been releasing albums with stubborn regularity since the late nineties. Never a band to surprise, they usually offer competent Teutonic power metal.

New album “On The Spur Of The Moment” doesn’t stray from the path. Epic metal, with less of the standard power metal trappings than you might expect. Keyboards are fairly prominent in several tracks, something which always amazes me from a band with no keyboard player in its lineup…

There’s lots of cool riffs (“Dark Life” for instance), but the lead guitars fall a bit short of the mark. None of the leads made me perk my ears. Where are the days when even the most underground of metal bands had insane lead guitars?

One can only assume “In These Walls” is an attempt at a contemporary metal ballad. I find myself waiting for the female vocals to kick in. Not the shining moment of the album. The groovy “Still Insane” helps steer events in a more wholesome direction.

Andy B Franck is a singer with quite a reputation in his particular corner of the scene. The man is good, no doubt, but I can think of more inspiring voices. Bonus points for not going for falsetto all the time, but he does show his limitations in tracks like “In The Blink Of An Eye”.

To sum up this band and album : competent, but not inspired. To say they’re going through the motions would be putting it too coarsely, but there is a hint of routine throughout. In a word : average.

Rating – 75%
Review by Sancho 


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