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After a big fanfare at the start of the early 90’s when they were proclaimed as the next big thing in a number of magazines the big time always somehow eluded the Electric Boys outside their native Sweden.  Yes the tracks ‘All Lips And Hips’ got some attention on MTV from their debut ‘Funk-O-Metal Carpet Ride’ but they never broke into the big league, a shame as their brand of Aerosmith like retro rock with psychedelic lyrical tendencies and funk influences were one of the better and more original bands of the time.  After 2 more albums, the recommended 92’s ‘Groovus Maximus’ and 94’s ‘Freewheelin’ the band split. Now main man Conny Bloom after a few years spent in Hanoi Rocks has fired up the machine again for another crack.

Electric Boys in 2011 start where they ended in 1994 which means all the bands trademarks are here thankfully.  Good bluesy sleazy rock riffs, vintage guitar tones and gobs of melody done without any of the sickly AOR-ness you might normally associate with the word.  This ladies and gentlemen rocks with no pretence just a bag load of fun.

Conny Bloom still sounds good, the band behind him grooves like a monster on the likes of ‘Reeferlord’, ‘The House Is Rockin’ and closer ‘A Mother Of A Love Story’.  The funk edge is prominent on ‘My Heart’s Not For Sale’ and ‘Rollin Down The Road’. Whilst elsewhere we get a nice mix of the bands styles and its all nicely done.

Whether Electric Boys make a new mark on the musical landscape in 2011 is hard to tell.  That said when other bands less talented than them are making a go of it you have to hope they can and with ‘And Them Boys Done Swang’ they’ve given themselves much more than a fighting chance.

If you like your rock upbeat, rocking and good fun this is a fine slice of rock for your pennies.

Rating – 88%


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