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Dutch guitarist Joop Wolters is one of the great under appreciated players of the world.  With 3 albums to his name on Lion Music, Joop has branched out on his own for the release of ‘False Poetry’.  With a modern style with all the chops and technique you could wish for, Joop also knows the value of restraint and makes sure melody plays a large role in his work.

Home to 10 tracks across a number of styles, Joop has one again delivered a strong set of tunes which will appeal to anyone that appreciates good guitar. But whilst the guitar work is as impressive as ever, there is a much better attention to the songs frameworks and other instrumentation than many guitar albums you will hear.

I get the feeling there is a little less traditional instrumental fare influence this time around with less of your standard shred patterns and more emphasis on exotic scales and melodies with, all of which is a nice refreshing change and the likes of “Mi Corazon” and “Drowned” represent this side nicely.  Elsewhere “Saviour” offers up a more traditional offering and fans of heavier works will find salvation in the opener “Sponge”, “Rage Of 10” and “Renegade Robots”.

Well produced with a nice range of tunes and at a hair under 54 minutes long is about the right length too.  If you haven’t already checked out some of Joop’s work this is as good a place to start as any. Recommended.

Rating – 85%  


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