Out now on Metal Heaven

As a direct result of their collaboration in the rejuvenated Bangalore Choir, David Reece and Martin Kronlund present this new project.

It kind of escapes me why they don’t just release this as the new Bangalore Choir, frankly…Sure it’s a bit more subdued, but the difference isn’t all that big.
In essence, this is melodic hard rock with a slight metal edge fronted by Reece’s characteristic voice.

“Could This Be Madness” may well be the best ballad I’ve heard this year, while “I Would” hints at some of Jeff Scott Soto’s more soulful material. This album isn’t all about the ballads though. Rocking tracks like “My Angel Wears White”, “Animals And Cannibals” and “Paint The Mirror Black” hit the spot with deadly accuracy. Album closer “The Dead Shall Walk The Earth” is a blistering metal track, and a surprising album closer.

Kronlund is no slouch on the guitar, and he’s given ample opportunity to demonstrate his chops.

10 tracks, 41 minutes… Looks like artists are catching on we don’t need the extra 5 filler tracks that make an album run past the hour mark.

A great album, but again, why not just call this Bangalore Choir??

Rating – 90%
Review by Sancho


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