Out now on Frontiers Records

2006’s comeback album “Born Again” was a decent enough effort, even if it didn’t really capture the vibe of the original Warrant output. Not light-footed enough, all things considered.  Jaime St James has been replaced by ex Lynch Mob singer Robert Mason, whose voice is a far better fit for the music. On “Rockaholic”, the band have taken a step towards setting the record straight.

“Sex Ain’t Love”, “Innocence Is Gone”, “Show Must Go On”… Warrant aren’t going philosophical on us. This album is a ray of California sunshine, and should provide a nice flashback for those of us who were enjoying hard rock at the time. It’s not all lightweight fare, however, thanks to the inclusion of a couple of darker, heavier tunes like “Dusty’s Revenge” and hard rockers like “Cocaine Freight Train” or “The Last Straw”. No melodic rock album without ballads. “Home” and “Found Forever” fill the prescription very competently.

Like the last Night Ranger, there’s a harder edge to the band these days, that combines very nicely with the melodicism and results in a more balanced product.

The album is very well paced, but with 14 songs adding up to 54 minutes of music it is on the verge of too long…

A great album by a sometimes under-appreciated band. If you always thought they were too fluffy, give this one a listen.

Rating – 88%
Review by Sancho 


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