Out now on SPV/Steamhammer

By now, Anvil’s story is well known. Struggling metal band that never gives up reaches new audience after a gritty, at times painful biopic is released.

All good and well, but if the music isn’t there to back it up, who cares?

Anvil’s “comeback” album “This Is Thirteen” showed promise, but didn’t quite live up to expectations. Much like any Anvil album in the past fifteen years or so…

On “Juggernaut Of Justice”, however, things slot nicely into place. From the opening punch of the title track, to the closing note of “Swing Thing”, everything falls perfectly into place.

This is, in essence, the album Anvil should have made after “Forged In Fire”, rather than the forgettable “Backwaxed”, which set the downward spiral in motion.

All of the required Anvil elements are provided, from Reiner’s masterful drumming to Lips’ manic guitar playing. Production is top notch as well, for the first time in many a year.

Buy this album. Not only to support the most headstrong band in history, but also to treat yourself to some fine heavy metal, old school!

Rating – 92%
Review by Sancho


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