Out now on Lion Music

Sun Caged, the Dutch progressive metallers with two impressive albums already under their belts return after a four year absence with “The Lotus Effect”.  This new album sees the band consolidate their sound in fine style with an album that’s clocks in at over 70 minutes across 14 tracks and has been well worth the wait.

“The Lotus Effect” sees Sun Caged deliver not only their heaviest album to date, but also their most varied with a lot of different musical textures adding to the big riffs coming out of guitar master Marcel Coenen’s guitar.  The melody is high in most numbers, aided by Paul Adrian Villarreal’s distinctive and impressive vocals and Rene Kroon’s keyboard work also covers a lot of ground.  New bassist Daniel Kohn has also formed a formidable rhythm unit with drummer Roel van Helden.

Opener “Seam Ripper (and the blanket statement)” is an 8 minute stunner which perfectly characterises Sun Caged unique take on prog metal. “Tip-Toe the Fault-Line” and the blinding “Shades Of Hades” (see audio player above) deliver a more straight-ahead delivery with potent riffs and strong choruses.  The melody is high in numbers such as “Ashes To Earn” and the 10 minute epic “Pareidolized (The Ocean in the Shell)” which is a stunner pure and simple.  Elsewhere the quality is exceptionally high. Whilst the album takes several spins to full reveal itself the listener is rewarded further with each passing play – and this is a release you will find yourself coming back to.

“The Lotus Effect” may have taken some time to see the light of day, but its Sun Caged finest release thus far and an essential slice of progressive metal.  For those fed up of the hundreds of Dream Theater and Symphony X clones check out this album for a refreshing and original take on the progressive metal genre.

Rating – 95%


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