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Swedish band M.ILL.ION’s six former albums failed to register on my radar. Basically what’s on offer is melodic hard rock with a very European slant. Think Shakra or Pretty Maids’ less metallic output.

M.ILL.ION isn’t a bad band, just not an especially interesting one. An underwhelming singer (he goes flat on his face in the title track) and a somewhat ramshackle production could all be forgiven if the songs were really killer. Unfortunately, they aren’t. Note that they aren’t bad either. “Bland” is the best description I can come up with. Nothing jumps out.  Instrumentally speaking, the band is beyond reproach. A couple of nice guitar leads help the final score.

The record label promotes this album as being “for fans of Whitesnake, Gotthard, Kiss and Deep Purple”. I suppose you could say the keyboards take care of the Deep Purple comparison. Gotthard? If Gotthard had a mediocre singer and mediocre songs, yeah, I could see it…

This release hasn’t exactly made me curious about their earlier work.

Rating – 60%
Review by Million Dollar Baby Sancho. 


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