As Alpine countries go, Switzerland is quite productive when it comes to quality hard rock. In Gotthard and Krokus they even produced two bands that could more than keep up with the big boys. China may not be quite up to that level, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to like.  I remember seeing the band opening for Yngwie Malmsteen somewhere in the very early nineties. If you do a guitar solo spot when you’re opening for Yngwie you’ve got decent size balls!

Groovy heavy rock is the order of the day, as if the band never took a break.  Tracks like “She’s So Hot”, “Lonely Rider” and “Deadly Sweet” are a good showcase for the catchy brand of hard rock this band peddles. “Gates Of Heaven” is a serviceable ballad, if not an exceptional one. Is that a distinct Mötley Crüe flavour I detect in “Girl On My Screen”? If it is, it’s countered by the Mavericks stylings of “On My Way”!

This band achieves what many young Swedish bands can only dream of: no-nonsense quality hard rock. Not every song is equally strong but there are no real duffers to be found.

Rating – 83%
Review by Sancho


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