Out now on AFM Records

“Trinity” marks the third strike from melodic metallers Eden’s Curse who to be honest are an outfit I’ve always had a hard time getting into.  Granted they have never delivered a stinker but on the flipside never really produced anything above average to these ears.  So it was with a little trepidation I approached “Trinity”.  Fortunately this is easily the best work to date from the band.

Aided by a strong production from Dennis Ward (who rarely fails to deliver the sonic goods), “Trinity” is a general cruise through enjoyable tracks with a keen sense of melody and upbeat delivery.

Vocalist Michael Eden will always be an acquired taste and his voice again doesn’t blow me away with its shaky pitch and lack of depth in vibrato; but he can pen a decent hook as exemplified on the standout cuts such as the title track, “No Holy Man” (with guest James LaBrie), the storming euro metal of “Dare To Be Different” and the darker Savatage feel of “Jerusalem Sleep”.

A tribute to Ronnie James Dio is served up with a cover of “Rock n Roll Children” where it would be unfair to compare vocals between original and cover, yet its a nice addition to the package.

Overall an agreeable release and recommended for fans of melodic metal.  Lets hope we get more like this on album #4.

Rating – 80%


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