Released March 28th 2011 on SPV/Steamhammer

Vicious Rumors are back with their tenth studio album.  While their output has been patchy at times, “Razorback Killers” is a full on metal assault.

Thrashy and relentless, the band plows through ten blazing heavy metal tracks. The songwriting is beyond reproach. The filler that cluttered earlier Vicious Rumors albums has been cut away.  The trademark guitar leads are present and accounted for. If there’s one thing you can say about VR, it’s that they always had a great guitar duo, no matter who Geoff Thorpe’s wingman was.  Singer Brian Allen screams in anger. Unfortunately, he lacks the melodic sense of some of his predecessors. He reminds me a bit of Wade Black : a decent singer but lacking variation.

Overall a strong release from these veterans of the American metal scene.  Like Helstar, they seem to have a new found energy and focus.


Rating – 86%
Review by digital dictator Sancho


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