Out now on Zoho Music

Named after two obscure Blues men Whistlin’ Rufus and Luther Huff, the Glasgow, Kentucky-based Blues Rock quartet is made up of vocalist Jarrod Englund, bassist Dean Smith, drummer Chris Hardesty and guitarist Greg Martin (The Kentucky HeadHunters).

Rufus Huff comes straight at you like any of the great power trio/quartets from classic rock’s vintage age of the early 70’s.  With a hard stripped down approach steeped in blues timbres this is quite simply class A stuff of the like not heard since the heyday of early ZZ Top, Montrose, Zeppelin, Clapton and Free but aided with modern clarity and power from its warm production allowing the bands penchant for vintage tones to be clearly heard.
The 12 songs on the self titled debut are each victories in their own right, but as a package hit home with a superb sense of togetherness.  That said the likes of opener “13 Daze”, the dirty slide work of “High On Heaven Hill”, “It’s All Right” not to mention two smoking covers in Sonny Boy Williamsons “Good Morning Little School Girl” and Willie Dixon’s “I Ain’t Superstitious” really deliver the goods.  Fuelled by Greg Martins’ vintage Les Paul / Plexi tones, this is salivating inducing stuff.  Add to that an absolutely cooking rhythm section and strong vocals and you have a winner from start to finish.

This album has been part of my collection for the past few months and its rarely left the stereo at home or in the car. Fans of rock with a southern tinge and a vintage vibe need to make this part of their collection now.

Rating- 94%


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