Released March 28th 2011 On SPV / Steamhammer

Kingdom Come got a lot of crap for sounding somewhat like Zeppelin. Ahem.
No doubt exasperated by the relentless criticism, Lenny Wolf tried to steer the band in a decidedly different direction. Unfortunately the results were less than stellar.

On “Rendered Waters”, Kingdom Come return to their roots.  Heavy rock with a bluesy edge and Wolf’s unmistakable voice.  Yes, there are blatant Zeppelin influences (“Should I”, “Pushing Hard”, “Is It Fair Enough”… ). So what? Every German power metal band shamelessly rips off Helloween and nobody’s complaining…

This is a lovingly crafted piece of timeless heavy rock with a dark edge to it. Not unlike Lillian Axe’s recent output in a way. Check it out.

Rating – 84%
Review by Sancho


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