Released February 25th 2010 on AFM Records

When they are not delivering Teutonic metal during their day job, Alex Beyrodt and Matt Sinner like to relax with classic 70s rock. Voodoo Circle’s debut was an impressive calling card for everyone who likes Deep Purple inspired hard rock.

No big changes for the follow up. “Absolution Blues” kicks off proceedings in true vintage Whitesnake style. The opening riff to “King Of Your Dreams” owes more than a little to Purple’s “Perfect Strangers” but takes a twist towards Dougie White era Rainbow once it gets going. “Devil’s Daughter” references Purple Mk3 while “Blind Man” takes a more bluesy approach and hints at early Rainbow balladry.I think you get the gist of it. Purple, Rainbow and Whitesnake are the main inspirations here.  I don’t think anyone does this style of music better than Voodoo Circle at this point in time.

The songs stand strong with a solid foundation of skilled musicians. There’s no overplaying, there’s no filler. Beyrodt is a killer guitarist. Tasty, technical and melodic. The whole album is an example of great Strat tones. Yngwie, are you listening?  There’s more of a Coverdale influence in the vocals (“Don’t Take My Heart” for instance) than first time around. You won’t hear me complain… David Readman does an exceptional job.

Highly recommended for all lovers of old school hard rock.

Rating – 93%
Review by Sancho

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