Released 18th February 2011 on Frontiers Records

Ralf Scheepers’ first solo album. We all know Ralf as the slightly Halford inspired singer of the slightly Judas Priest inspired Primal Fear. So, what does Ralf have to offer on his solo debut? Does he branch out? Surprise us with exotic influences and unexpected plot twists?

Well… Not really. From beginning to end the album serves up solid, German heavy metal. With the odd nod to Judas Priest. Not unlike Primal Fear, come to think of it…Why Ralf felt the need to release a solo album that sounds so much like his regular band escapes me. Other than an ego boost, I can see little reason. On the other hand, it’s Ralf doing what he does best. Which is always a good idea.

For the record : this is a killer album. Everything fits perfectly into place. The songs are catchy, at times groovy, the riffs heavy and the solos shred. And of course Ralf is no slouch in the vocal department. His take on Priest’s “Before The Dawn” is eerily close to the original.

“Scheepers” sounds inspired. Like a really good Primal Fear album…

 Rating – 88%
Review by Sancho


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