Out now on Frontiers Records
Jorn has taken a lot of flak for this album already. It may seem like a quick cash in but let’s be realistic, they had to have been working on this album long before Ronnie’s death.

Opening track “Song For Ronnie James” is extremely corny, a bit longwinded and lacking focus. All of the other tracks are covers of some of the tunes that made Dio the legend he is. Jorn has avoided covering only the most obvious songs (well, “Kill The King” is present) and gone for a couple of surprising choices. “Push”, Lord Of The Last Day”, “Sunset Superman”… Not the first tunes you expect on a Dio tribute, no?

Obviously production is impeccable, as are the performances of the musicians. Most renditions remain faithful to the original. It’s not like they’re going to improve the arrangements. Jorn himself does justice to the songs, at times outshining himself. No he doesn’t sound like Dio. Nobody does.

A fitting tribute to the biggest voice in rock.

Rating – 88%
Review by Sancho


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