Out Now/ Metal Heaven
I was particularly taken by 101 South’s last album, the excellent “Roll Of The Dice”.  A great AOR album by anyone’s standards.  It’s safe to say I had quite high expectations for this new one.

First impression is that this album is a lot more mellow than RotD. The pace is quite slow overall. This doesn’t detract from the quality of the songs though. Epic ballad “All In The Game” is as good as anything I’ve heard lately. When the band turns up the heat (a bit) as in “What Are You Gonna Do Anyway”, I can hear distinct traces of Giant’s debut and even some Asia. Is that Pink Floyd I detect in “End Of The Game”? Tracks like the robust “Don’t Tell Me It’s Over” help balance out the album. Another favorite this one.

Sonically, this album is the perfect soundtrack for any random Miami Vice episode. Just add some more reverb to the drums…

Another damn fine effort that may be too soft for those with a penchant for screaming guitars.

Rating – 90%
Review by Sancho


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