Released 21st January 2011 on Metal Heaven

TNT’s recent output has been patchy to put it mildly. Long gone seemed the days of their classic albums such as “Tell No Tales” or even more recent efforts like “My Religion”.  The pre-release talk of “A Farewell To Arms” suggested the classic sound was back with this new release. But not is all as it seems 

For the most part the album sees the band adopting a more “modern” sound (i.e. down tuned guitars), but there’s still plenty of room for Tony Mills’ soaring vocals. “Refugee” is a strong track. “Don’t Misunderstand Me” and the title track sound almost like classic TNT.   But closing track “Not Only Lonely” takes stupid to the next level… This song knocks five points off the score all by itself. 

Granted Ronni LeTekro does put in more effort than he did on recent releases, yet his playing is still nowhere near the level of his heyday, but it’s a step in the right direction. Check out the quirky lead in “Like A Ship In The Night” or the opening riff of “Take It Like A Man – Woman”. Unfortunately though most of his solos are a disjointed jumble. “Someone Else” is a good example to the contrary. Fortunately Mills’ vocals add a real 80s vibe to what could easily have become bland contemporary melodic rock tunes.

Not a bad album, but not a classic by any means.

Rating – 70%
Review by Sancho


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