Independent release out now at  I-Tunes or contact Curt through his myspace profile for CD.

Curt Anderson will be a virtual unknown to visitors to this site but he’s a player that has been attracting some attention on the underground instrumental scene.  “For Some Time Now” is a home recording with everything recorded in Curt’s home, yet the cover suggests he’s not gone down the Line6Pod route (thank god) but rather cranks his tube amps to get authentic tones, and what tones are on offer.  The captured tones are strong, well recorded and the main focus in the mix.  I’d personally have liked to have the bass guitar a little higher in the mix and the programmed drums  replaced by a live drummer to give the extra  nuances this would provide, that said these are small criticisms and not ones that will ruin your guitar listening experience and that’s what we are here for.   As a side note the album was mastered by Kings X guitarist Ty Tabor.

Stylistically “For Some Time Now” this doesn’t stray too far from “hard rock guitar instrumental 101”, but that’s the beauty of the album, it does what it does , and does its very well.  If you like players of the calibre of George Lynch, early Eddie Van Halen, Jake E Lee, Nuno Bettencourt and Akira Takasaki then this is the album for you.  In fact, with many of those players having gone off the boil the last decade or so it’s refreshing to hear someone keep that spirit alive with the talent to match.  No one will be questioning Curt’s guitar skills with this release; he’s got the 80’s hard rock guitar style down with honours degree, a fantastic swing in his playing and with better tone than many of the LA strip names to have made somewhat of a name for themselves back in the day.

Highlights come in a number of places such as the rhythmic “Uncle Leo”,  the Lynch/Nuno-esque “Mr. Anderson”,  the early Van Halen-ish delightfully dynamic “Van Gough’s Ear” and album closer “Going Nowhere, Saying Nothing” which displays some Satriani-ish legato flare. But my favourite tracks is when Curt shows his tender side on the ballad “Long To Touch You”.  This is as fine an instrumental I have heard in some time. Home to long melodic lead lines dripping with emotion that blend nicely with its acoustic backbone, fans of Neal Schon and Neil Zaza will really get a kick out of this.

Clocking in at 38 minutes the 9 tracks on offer don’t outstay their welcome and like a vintage Van Halen record leave you wanting more.  Overall a strong guitar instrumental and enjoyably listen.  Check him out.

Rating – 88%


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