Out now on Frontiers Records

Giant should have been big. Gigantic even…

Bad puns aside, debut album “Last Of The Runaways” is a bona fide classic. Unfortunately, the band never managed to capitalize on their masterpiece. Follow-up “Time To Burn” was decidedly lackluster, and the changing times drove the last nail home.

Comeback album “III” has its merits, but failed to capture the hearts of AOR fans.

And now we are presented with “Promise Land”. A Giant album without Dan Huff.

The good news : musically, it’s classic Giant. Winger guitarist John Roth does a great job, and the songs are all quite strong. The spirit of Last Of The Runaways runs proudly through the veins of this album.

The not so good news : Terry Brock isn’t Dan Huff. Make of that what you want. Huff’s voice was a big factor in Giant. Brock sounds more generic, for lack of a better word.  Still, the man is a damn fine singer, and it’s not like he disappoints here.

What you are left with in the end is a bloody good AOR album, which definitely deserves to be released under the Giant banner. I had some preconceptions about a Huff-less Giant, but they melted like snow in the Sahara once I gave the album its first spin.

Rating – 90%
Review by Sancho


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