Released January 21st 2010 on Lion Music

The Overdrive reunion seems to be an ongoing concern. And that’s a good thing.  “Let The Metal Do The Talking” was a great album, and “Angelmaker” continues in the same vein.

Solid, traditional heavy metal. Not power metal, not neoclassical, not medievalinspiredprogfolkspeed metal. HEAVY METAL!!

Opening track “Signs All Over” is a plain kick in the teeth.  Or what to think of Frieda’s “There’s Something Going On”, which is turned into a heavy bruiser. Not quite as extreme as Nevermore’s take on “Sound Of Silence” but equally crafty. “Under The Influence” owes more than a little to Iron Maiden’s glory years. Album closer “The Wavebreaker” runs an epic 10 minutes and is the most European sounding track on the CD.

Overdrive’s brand of metal is refreshingly uncontrived. The band steers clear of banal chant-along choruses and doesn’t rely on triggered bass drums to create an impression of heaviness or urgency.

Rather, they deliver finely crafted songs that rely on strong melodies, powerful riffing and spot on leads.  This album will take you back in time without even trying to be retro.

A killer heavy metal album. This may well be Overdrive’s strongest release so far.

Rating – 94%
Review by Sancho


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