Out Now on Escape Music

Jayce Landberg is a guitarist hailing from Sweden who released the Yngwie wannabe neo-classical tinted release ‘Break The Spell’ in 2008 which saw former Malmsteen vocalist Goran Edman on vocals. Now the follow up ‘Good Sleepless Night’ has just been released on Escape Music and whilst Jayce has spread beyond the neo-classical sounds of his debut, for the most part this an unfocused album in terms of direction and focus.

Landberg has certainly armed himself with all the right tools in the band personnel department having once again Goran Edman on lead vocals (plus a guest vocal from Mark Boals), and Europe bassist Jon Levin on a few numbers, but the overall direction is purely one of Landberg’s making but as mentioned this unfocused.  

So we get the pseudo Offspring opener ‘My Valentine’ to the decidedly dodgy eurovision-metal of ‘The Devil’s Wine’, although there is a fine bridge buried in the track which makes you wish the song had been built from that.  Jayce has obviously discovered Van Halen recently (and bought himself a EVH MXR Phase 90) for the pseudo VH of ‘Drama Queen’ (complete with Atomic Punk intro rip off) which is pretty bad and the solo spot of ‘Abduction’ (a pseudo Eruption if you will – get the ironic title?).  There are some more successful moments in the likes of the melodic metal of ‘Skyscraper’  and the euro metal of ‘Invasion’ but its diminishing returns elsewhere.

Jayce Landberg is certainly a competent enough player, but his song writing is just not up to scratch.  The amount of variety in style (and quality) also seems to work against the albums identity and you get the impression there are too many cook books in the Landberg kitchen.  There are moments to suggest Landberg could make a decent album but sadly ‘Good Sleepless Night’ isn’t it. Better luck next time.

Rating – 40%


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