Out now on Frontiers Records

I have to say I wasn’t impressed with Extreme’s comeback album, the rather bland “Saudades De Rock”. Of course, Extreme is one of those bands that shine in the live arena, and they have a barrel full of classic songs to choose from, so how does this new live recording hold up?

As suspected, live the band delivers big time. Extreme’s funky brand of hard rock really hits the spot. The oft-maligned Gary Cherone is a good singer, the rhythm section rumbles like a tank and Nuno is one of the all time great guitar heroes.

Song selection is well balanced, although I would have liked more from the debut, rather than just a medley. The hits are there, obviously. “Decadence Dance”, “Get The Funk Out” and, inevitably, “More Than Words”.

The album sounds undoctored and organic, just a band rocking out. Not as polished as Mr Big’s “Back To Budokan”, but just as tasty.

Rating – 89%
Review by Sancho


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