Out now on Frontiers Records

British band Vega deliver their first album through Frontiers Records.

Melodic hard rock is the order of the day, drenched in big keyboards, reverb and chorus. And it has to be said, the band have a respectable go at it. There’s even the odd proggy influence, most noticeable in some of the arrangements and song structures. Choruses are eminently hummable for the most part and there’s more than enough guitar flash to keep the aficionado satisfied.

Singer Nick Workman is the weakest link in the equation. When he soars in the higher registers, there’s no problem. He reminds me a bit of early Tony Mills in this field. But he lacks power in the lower range. And is that a lisp I hear? He sounds downright weird in the intro to “Too Young For Wings”… Fortunately he spends most of his time in the upper regions, so it barely distracts from the enjoyment.

Dennis Ward took care of production duties, and it shows. No issues in that department whatsoever.

A good melodic rock album for fans of (early) Shy, PC69 and similar bands, even if not all songs are equally strong.

Rating – 80%
Review by Sancho



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