Both releases out now on Frontiers Records

Nelson are back! On the one hand there’s the fine new album, on the other there’s these two albums of old recordings.

“Before The Rain” bundles the demos that lead to the boys’ recording deal whereas “Perfect Storm” is a live album that was recorded during the “After The Rain” world tour.

Say what you will about the boys, but they know how to write a catchy tune. The demo material on “Before The Rain” is better than a lot of what passes for AOR nowadays.  Sure, it’s poppy. Sure, these guys looked a little too perfectly tailored for MTV to have “street cred”. But the songs stand firm, and the musicianship is a slap in the face of the dire mess called “grunge” that replaced acts of this ilk.  No, not all songs are equally brilliant, but it’s difficult to point out any real stinkers. And for demo material, it all sounds damn good.

The live album “Perfect Storm” was probably shelved because of the aforementioned grunge explosion. It sounds more live than I’d expected, not as polished and picture perfect as most “live” albums of the era. Not much more to report. It’s a good live album if you’re into Nelson. A bit too much audience interaction, the screaming teenage girls are very prominent in the mix indeed.  Other than that, fun. The tasty shredding of Brett Garsed is the cherry on the pie.

Rating – 85%
Review by Sancho



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