Out now on Frontiers Records

Another year, another JSS live album…This one captures his performance at Firefest 2008.

It’s Jeff Scott Soto, so you know what to expect. A mix of tracks from his long and productive career. Of course the Talisman chestnuts are represented, as is his cover of Seal’s “Crazy”.Funky at times, rocking at others…

There’s not a lot of surprises here. With Howie Simon on guitars you can rest assured there’s six string firework going on and obviously Soto is a cut above average himself.
But other than that, there’s not a lot to report… This is a good live album, but it doesn’t add much to his discography as it stands. If you already have an earlier Soto live album, there’s not really much reason to get this one. Then again, if you’re a fan you won’t be disappointed.

Rating – 80%
Review by Sancho


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