Out now on Metal Heaven

Hermann Frank has been keeping busy. Between Victory, his solo album and the Accept reunion, he has found the time to do this band.

When I see a female vocalist in a metal band, my defenses go up. I have very little time for the typical “female fronted metal” band.  Fortunately, we are spared faux-opera vocals, bombastic arrangements and all the usual trappings of this vile trend.

The Franks (for the singer in question is Hermann’s wife) deliver a solid slab of traditional metal.  If you enjoyed Victory or Frank’s solo album, you’ll like this release.  It’s not a big stretch of the imagination to picture the song “Hitman” being on any random UDO album or “Killer” being sung by Mark Tornillo.

There’s plenty of wailing guitars, hummable (or shoutable) choruses and lots of headbanging opportunities. Hermann Frank is an accomplished guitarist and he gives it 100% here. The rhythm section does a good, unobtrusive job. Martina Frank is a good singer if not spectacular. The label’s bio hints at Girlschool, Rock Goddess and of course Doro. That’s insulting, really. Martina is a lot better than Doro, the queen of accents. If you expected this to be a vanity project you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

A very good traditional metal album. Not quite up to the level of Accept’s latest masterpiece but rock solid in its own right.

Rating – 83%
Review by Sancho



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