Out now on Shrdguy Records

Thank you Michael Abdow! You are living, breathing, proof that integrity in shred still exists!

From the opening note to the last, this is a glorious feast of classy songwriting and amazing chops delivered with melody, musicality, tone and integrity. This harkens back to the glory years of Shrapnel when artists like Howe, Moore, Macalpine and Tafolla graced us with shred with a difference… musicality. Indeed, it is an early Shrapnel artist that springs to mind as I listen to this release. Stephen Ross, whose “Midnight Drive” CD was a unique and refreshing change in a sea of sameness. If this release is indicative of the quality of music on the Shredguy Record label, sign me up I am on board!

Mike studied music at Holyoke Community College and later with guitar virtuoso Tom Kopyto. Since that time, he has worked with a couple of locally known acts Tempus Mori , Frozen and Aquanett. Mori released one album” Conviction”, Frozen will soon release their second CD, which leads us to this, “Native Alien” Michael’s piece de resistance.

Aided by a stellar cast which includes a guest solo from Tom Kopyto on “House of Shimti” and Drake Descant on keys on the stellar track “Savage Garden”, these nine tracks run the gamut from searing melodic rock to straight ahead hard rock drop tuned stylings with vocals. The package is delivered impeccably with phrasing attitude and maturity. Michael deserves to be a star, this is THAT good. This is the quality one should expect from instrumental rock guitar. Well Done.

Rating – 92%
Review by Mike Blackburn


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