Out Dec 3rd  2010 on Lion Music

One of a true new breed of progressive metallers adding their own sound to the genre are arguably Sweden’s leaders in the genre Seventh Wonder.  “The Great Escape” marks the bands fourth release following up the hugely successful “Mercy Falls” which saw the band play Sweden Rock Festival and Prog Power USA.  Prog forums worldwide are littered with praise for the band and if the amount of exposure the video single “Alley Cat” has received is anything to go by (55k hits in 2 month on YouTube) then the new album looks set to propel the band further, that is presuming its any good!

Luckily as a long-time fan of the band, this is arguably the best release yet from the band, certainly the best in terms of delivering an identifiable sound of their own.  Led by the charismatic vocals of Tommy Karevik, the band perform melodic laden, yet instrumentally rich and exciting music from the opener “Wiseman” with its strident metallic delivery to the bona-fide epic closing 30 minute title track; which despite its intimidating track length delivers on all fronts.  But what sets this album apart from predecessor is that despite all the first class musicianship on offer (from every member no less), it’s the songs that ultimately shine though.  The aforementioned “Alley Cat” has a deliciously swooping chorus refrain,   the AOR inflections in “The Angelmaker” contrast nicely with the darker elements of the track whilst the melodic content again shines on “Move On Through” which has a tremendous groove in the riff department.  Overall there is something to really enjoy on every track.

Production wise this is solid, certainly the best yet from the band, and everything is nicely audible which makes hearing the likes of Andreas Blomqvist’s exquisite bass work in its full glory just another joy of the album.
‘Mercy Falls’ saw Seventh Wonder come of age. “The Great Escape” sees them take a strident step towards being a true powerhouse in the prog metal genre and comes highly recommended.

Rating – 95%


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