Out Now on Lion Music

Guitarist extraordinaire Michael Harris returns with “Tranz-Fused”.  Leaving behind the neo-classical orchestrated waters of the excellent “orchestrate” Michael has decided its time to delve into another musical style adding another string to his already chock full bow!  As the title may hint “Tranz-Fused” sees Harris step into the world of fusion, yet this is not your dull, sit back and relax soft fusion, this is full on fusion rock and pretty darn cool it is too.

Joining Michael for the album is a stellar supporting cast of bassists Adam Nitti, David Harbour, James Martin and Bunny Brunel.  Drums come from Mike Haid and Marco Minnemann and Bernard Wright delivers a keyboard solo on “Seizure Salad”. The music has a very live vibe with minimal overdubs and this really helps yield a great moment in time feel to the music.    Melodies have always been high on the Harris radar and the new album is no exception, so whilst Michael can truly blaze when he wants to there is always a strong melodic framework in place to keep the most hardened critic happy. 

Highlights come in the guise of opener “Rocket Surgery”, the aforementioned “Seizure Salad” which has a 70’s Rush feel in places, the smooth character of the delightfully titled “Nitrous Oxide Strut” and the lush melodies of closer “Ocean Blues” with its almost quasi Hendrix/Frank Marino/Uli Jon Roth vibe.

Another fine album from a guitarist who must rank one of the worlds most overlooked by the general public – take a chance and check it out.

Rating – 88%


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