Out Now on AFM Records

Circle II Circle have been building a name for themselves in power metal circles since the early 2000’s.  Founded after vocalist Zakk Stevens left Savatage the band have been steadily growing their following and their fifth album “Consequence of Power” is not  likely to do them any harm either.  Simpy said this is well written and performed metal with strong performances from all involved. 

Opener “Whispers In Vain” sets the albums off nicely with a crushing mid temp riff over which Stevens’ familiar vocal pipes work their charms.  The title track comes storming out with a panache reminiscent of vintage Maiden.  A solid bass line underpins “Out Of Nowhere” and this is another unqualified success. “Remember” has a main riff not a million miles away from Judas Priest’s “Dissident Aggressor” but moves into own sound for the rest of the track.  “Mirage” is another heavy number if lacking a little originality, yet the band come roaring back with “Episodes Of Mania” which makes nice use of light and shade in its verses before pummelling the listener with its riff heavy chorus – nice.  “Redemption” has a riff that sounds like the bastard son of Savatage’s “Jesus Saves” and is just as satisfying in every other aspect, a highlight along with the charging yet melodic “Take Back Yesterday”. “Anathema” is build around more brutal riffs although Stevens’ do lack a little of their normal magic here.  Closing power ballad “Blood Of An Angel” has more than a nod back to Strevens’ previous employers and is a little twee in truth but doesn’t harm the album too much.

Overall Circle II Circle continues to do what they do with no real departure from the norm, everything is solid and more than competent, yet aside from a couple of numbers there is nothing that is truly killer yet everything is still above average.  Production wise the album is rather basic, dry, certainly lacking a little sheen but not to the listeners detriment.

Overall another solid slice of work from the band.

Rating – 84%


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