Out Now – Lion Music
A veteran of the instrumental guitar scene and one of Lion Music’s longest serving artists Alex Masi is back with his best album in a while in the form of ‘Theory Of Everything’. With everything being handled by Alex himself for the first time I guess you could view this as the first real image of Masi the artist and its mostly a success.

With a nice cross selection of material from the techno dance meets rock onslaught of opener ‘Theory Of Nothing’ and ‘Big Bad Science’ to the tribal mantra chants and orgasmic screams of ‘Ladies Of The House’.  Jeff Beck fans will get a kick out of the ambient almost new age fusion strains of ‘The Past’  and elsewhere there is a lot to absorb and enjoy.

Fans of Masi’s metal output may well find the album a little lacking but when placed against previous recent albums this is arguably the best of the newer direction Masi is steering his career in. Sonically things are mostly good, the mix is a little disjointed in places (this might be intentional?) as Alex states its “an album which has content and an approach quite different to your typical guitar album” and that is a good summary.

Rating – 84%


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