Out Now on Frontiers Records

The return of the “timotei twins”. I never really bothered with the boys first time around, so this new album is kind of an introduction.

Bon Jovi. Times two. That’s the overall impression. If only Bon Jovi still made this kind of cheery hard rock. Eminently hummable, easy to digest toe tapping fun.  It’s as if time has stood still and grunge never happened. Check “Day By Day”, “Ready Willing And Able” or “Come” for a cure against the autumn blues. The Boston influences in “When You’re Gone” are a nice touch.  Big ballads? Obviously. “To Get Back To You” is as good an example as any.

Production is top notch. Not a hint of the low budget that plagues a lot of contemporary AOR to be found.

This is an unpretentious album that really should have been released in time for the summer.As it stands, highly recommended for all fans of melodic rock.

Rating – 88%
Review by Sancho


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