Released 5th November 2010 on AFM Records

James Rivera has been regaling us with Helstar albums since the early eighties. After a break where James engaged in several other projects, Helstar has been an ongoing concern once more since the turn of the century.

You know what to expect with a Helstar release : fast old school metal. James is an adherent of the Rob Halford school of metal singing, but has an identity all his own that never fails to shine through.

And yes, this album does not stray. Solid heavy metal that checks all the necessary boxes. Menacing vocals, thundering riffs, shreddy guitar leads. All present and accounted for. The only difference between Helstar albums really is the level of creativity in the songwriting. While there’s not a lot of variation between the tunes (there’s only so much you can do in the heavy metal idiom), all of the songs more than make the cut. A good balance between fast and slow tracks keeps the album interesting ‘til the last. When the band puts the pedal to the metal they are sometimes reminiscent of a tighter, more evolved, version of Exciter.

A rock solid metal album that puts most European so-called power metal bands to shame.

Review – 88%
Review by Sancho


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