Released 24th September 2010 -Metal Heaven
After his rather uneventful stay in Accept, singer David Reece formed his own band Bangalore Choir. The debut “On Target” is something of an overlooked gem, chock full of kick ass hard rock. Unfortunately the last thing I’d heard from Reece was the dire solo album he released last year. This did not bode well…

With three of the original members in the band, this new Bangalore Choir lineup manages to recapture most of the charm of the debut. The gloomy cover had me fearing the worst, but I’m glad to say this album sounds like the logical evolution.
Punchy hard rock with catchy melodies and some killer guitars (Curt Mitchell is a monster!)

David Reece has an instantly recognizable voice and uses it to full effect . Slightly more subdued than “On Target” there is plenty to enjoy on this album. “Still Have A Song To Sing” is a big ballad in a sea of even bigger rockers (Power Trippin”, “High On The Clouds”,…). “Sweet Temptation” is blessed with an irresistible chorus.

At 49 minutes running time the album doesn’t outstay its welcome either, which is a nice change of pace in these days of ridiculously long and inevitably boring albums.

In an ironic twist, this album features the services of former UDO axeman Andy Susemihl. Yes, the same Udo Reece replaced in Accept…

I feared the worst, but got a lot more than I expected.

Rating – 89%
Review by Sancho.


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