Out Now / Mascot Records

Instrumental album number three from one of the biggest names in rock guitar Paul Giulbert. As with his previous two efforts the quality is undeniable, it seems though that Paul is rocking a little more this time and making more use of melodic structures and themes, not that these were lacking on previous release, only they are stronger and more concise here.

“Fuzz Universe” is an easily accessible instrumental release, full of fun tunes, plenty of jaw dropping “wow” factor yet a great deal of love for the art of guitar is also present. Highlights abound in pretty much every song, but the Rush-esque tints in “OIympic” are a joy, the melodic slabs of “Will My Screen Door Stop Neptune” and the dynamics of “Blowtorch” also rank amongst the albums best.

Topped off with an organic live clean sounding production this is another fine instalment from Pablo Gilberto and worthy of your time.

Rating – 90%


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