Lion Music / Out Now

Finn prog metallers Anthriel are freshly signed to Lion Music for their debut ‘The Pathway’ and what a monster it is too.  The bands name is taken from the Archangel of balance and harmony is the perfect name for the bands music.

This is seriously good melodic prog metal, with a healthy dose of neo-classical pomp ala Damnation Game/Divine Wings era Symphony X.  Indeed this could well be the perfect remedy for anyone that feels that American band have gone slightly off the boil with their last few albums. 

The vocals of Simo Silvan are perfect for the material, big bold, confident with a great range whilst Timo Niemistö’s guitar work is A1, what a sound this guy has as well. Elsewhere keyboardist Antti Hakulinen’s dancing fingers widen the sound with admirable skill and the rhythm section of Klaus Wirzenius (Bass) and Jari Kuokkanen (Drums) lock in with super tight precision all aided by a super powerful production and mix (done by the band themselves – kudos guys).

Highlights are hard to single out but the opening brace of ‘Devil’s Lullaby’ and ‘Guardian’ should be enough to knock anyone on their ass.   The band seem equally a home penning epic tracks too with the likes of ‘Haven Of Grace’, ‘Controversial Euphoria’ and 14 minute epic ‘Chains Of The Past’ showing the band can pen long tracks that maintain listener interest and repeated listens.  And rest assured with material as strong as this you will be coming back for more again and again.

Overall, along with MindSplit, Lion Music have really upped the ante with their September releases and both are among the best heard this year in the prog metal genre.  Highly recommended.

Rating – 90%


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